A training method that retains a sense of FUN
The idea is to turn away from grim and stubborn performance pressure and toward healthy fun and ambition. Children will learn basic soccer fundamentals with the aid of percussive instruments.

Learn drumming
Improve motor skills
Develop sense of rhythm
Team work

Build self confidence

Workshop description: Soccer training with emphasis on rhythm and timing. Bringing creativity and fun into the game of soccer.  


The workshop will begin with an introduction to rhythm and percussion. With the help of a PA system playing African and African-influenced beat-driven music, students will learn how to listen to the beat and learn how to play along to the beat using various percussion instruments (see below). Children will practice basic soccer fundamentals and moves to a specific beats and rhythms. They will develop motor skills and learn to maintain accuracy when trapping and passing the ball and essentially “dance” with the ball.  This lends itself well to various age groups.

Discipline/ Media/ Materials to be used:
Percussion Instruments: Chekere, cowbell, conga drums, balafone, snare drumMusic: PA system, Afrobeat, Children’s Jazz, (Children can also bring their own music to play).Materials: Soccer balls, nets, cones

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